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Panel change
06-09-2012, 06:21 PM
Post: #1
Panel change
I use the EMB 120, whose panel is that of Beech 350. Is it possible to change to another panel? If so, how could I do it exactly
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06-10-2012, 10:34 PM
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RE: Panel change

Please do understand that we do not support any custom panel modifications or replacements. All I can really say, not knowing exactly what aspect of the panel you want to change (VC or 2D panel?) is that all panel data for gauges is in the panel folder. The panel.cfg file contains all of the 2D panel background image and gauge placement data. It also contains the gauge placement for the VC, but the VC model itself is in the model folder. There are two MDLs in that folder, one for the exterior and one for the interior. I am away from my development computer at the moment, so I am unsure of the exact name of the interior MDL file. If you were to install an interior MDL from another FSX plane, you would have to either ensure that it is named the same as the original was, or modify the model.cfg file to change the interior=" name. You'd also have to copy over any texture files that the new VC uses into the texture fallback folder for the EMB120. Again, I cannot check the name of the fallback folder, but I believe it is either "Texture" or "Texture.fallback." (should be the one with the most textures in it.)

I hope this helps.

Kind Regards,

[Image: ers_brandon_sig_mar2012.png]
Intel Xeon E5-1620 v2 @ 3.7GHz | 8GB DDR3 RAM | NVIDIA GTX 760 | Windows 8.1 64 bit | FSX Acceleration/SP2 (DX10 Mode)
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06-11-2012, 04:29 AM
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RE: Panel change
No doubt about the importance of your your explantions. However, seems quite hard for me to do that change. Better to stay as it is...Wink
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