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Bell 206B "EXHAUST" Issues ?????
» Bell204 B "Exhaust" stack issues ?
09-28-2011, 06:54 PM (This post was last modified: 09-28-2011 06:55 PM by Jetranger.)
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Bell 206B "EXHAUST" Issues ?????
Bell 206 B "Exhaust" Stack issue - I know this may seem kinda Nutty or weird to some of you - But I noticed on almost all my Default Bell 206B's that those Exhaust Stacks coming out the top of the Heli, well are just plain outright "UGLY", the way their painted all Rusty and stuff, brown & tan,, Kinda Sucks, when ya have a Heli with a nice looking Paint Job, and theres those UGLY Ol' Nasty lookin damn Exhast Stack pertruding thru the Top. I'd like to some painters / Designers redo those Exhausts, so they appear better and better Cosemetically, like in Chrome Textures and Gold Textures, that kinda Reflect as you fly around in the Sim as the light hits the Exhaust Stacks,, ( told ya, this was goin to seem weird), just I like a great looking Heli all the way around from top to bottom & front to back ! Also I was wondering if it possible to either Design or add-on an Additional "Spot Light" under the Heli's where the Pilot/ User can turn On/Off the Spot light at anytime, with a switch, besides the additional little light that comes with the Default Bell from microsoft. just an idea ~ !! Heres a Link to a Really Great looking Helicopter with Nice Paint Scheme and Shiny Exhaust Stack's ! Enjoy ! Web Site Link -----} and Here Too ---------}
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09-29-2011, 05:46 PM
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RE: Bell 206B "EXHAUST" Issues ?????
Real Bell 206s have a kind of brownish look to the exhaust tubes, but maybe the default 206 has it a little extreme. Would also help if they had modeled them right.

Also, if by adding a spotlight, you mean adding an actual object to the belly/nose of the helicopter, then sadly, this is not possible, as once a model file is compiled for FS, it cannot be modified. Even if it could, it would be illegal to do so, going by the FSX EULA.

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09-30-2011, 12:22 AM
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RE: Bell 206B "EXHAUST" Issues ?????
Ya , I noticed how thje just kinda lumped those Exhaust Stacks in that file in the bottom right hand corner, in a really poor way, after they did whatever to them, bout some ugly azz stacks tho - looks like something off some River Boat Barge or something, all ugly, rusty, brown. Least they could of gave em' a little shine, and made the file so users could at least paint them whatever color they want. as for the spot, yip - thats exactly what I was talkin about, adding a big ol' remote control spot light to the under neath of the Heli', but I don't know much about modeling aircraft or all that copyright user junkola that they try to throw at ya,, I'm Clueless - too many Hard Landings for this Ol' Boy ! The JetRanger
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