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Board Statistics
Totals Averages
Posts: 972
Threads: 463
Members: 1,093
Posts per day: 0.28
Threads per day: 0.13
Members per day: 0.31
Posts per member: 0.89
Replies per thread: 1.1
Newest Member: ipifaw
Members who have posted: 12.72%
Today's top poster: Nobody (0 posts)
Most popular forum: Support (271 posts, 174 threads)

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Most Replied To Threads Most Viewed Threads
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Jetranger III Float problem ?? (31,180 views)
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206b III over Montreal (19,410 views)
P180 problems in FSX (18,652 views)
Special Projects (18,639 views)
FSX 222 (17,400 views)
Jet Ranger Sound? Here's the Thing ... (17,178 views)
Bell 206 Contact points (16,876 views)
Bell 222 paint kit (15,699 views)
Embraer EMB120 Brasilia version 1.1 released (15,606 views)
Bell 222 (15,519 views)
FSX 280FX HD Repaint (Very Large Pics) (15,489 views)
Hi There (15,115 views)
280FX (15,042 views)

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