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» Please read
03-29-2011, 06:55 PM
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Hi all,

I want to make some things clear about our current work. When we post screenshots of our models, they are work in progress models and alot of things will change before the final release. We don't need anyone telling us that one part is not correct or another part doesn't look right, we know about the issues and will be corrected. We love to post shots of our aircraft as work progresses, but we will eventually put an end to that since there are rivet counters out there just waiting to rip our work apart. Please remember that this is freeware, there isn't deadlines we have to meet, we have real lives outside the hobby....I for one have a day/night job that puts food on my table. Please relax, let us do the work and in the end, you'll get rewarded with a new model to play with. That is all. Thanks.

[Image: ers_george_sig1.jpg]

I'm with the FAA and I'm here to help you.....................Now gimme a hug!
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