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» Need Permission
05-28-2011, 11:25 PM
Post: #1
Dear Author,

I'm the webmaster of (from France).

First of all, i'd like to say i love your work !

I would like your permission to put your freeware Enstrom 280FX in my download section with an auto-installer because on my website all files comes with our auto-installer from a professional software (Tarma installer v5).

No files are modified and shortcut(s) to readme(s) file(s) will be added in startup program menu, plus your website link and shortcut to main folder.
As well, on install process, your name and copyrights are shown. Every add-on on are distributed free of charge (freeware)
We use our own auto installer for every file on by this way we are sure that our 57 000 members always follow the same way to install or uninstall a plane, we do not intend in anyway to get the rights on your files. By visiting our download section you can see that we have already convinced most of the greatest authors/editors like you. Our auto-installer will strictly follow your install instructions and make a clean and quality install/uninstall using specifics scripts if necessary.

My members are used to uninstall and get informations (manual, readme etc) about the plane from the startup menu/Rikoooo Add-ons.

There are some benefits to have your file on our site, an email will be sent to each member to advise him that your add-on is now online. You can reach 57 000 peoples in one time.

The files hosted on can be downloaded only from and no where else.

Please feel free to ask us a sample file of the auto-installer.

keep in mind that you can at anytime remove your files from our website by just sending an email.

Thank you by advance for your answer.

Best regards

Erik BENDER - Webmaster
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06-01-2011, 09:30 PM
Post: #2
RE: Permission
Hi Erik,

Thank you for the offer, but we'd prefer our Enstrom 280FX stay with it's original installer to avoid confusion for users. We also would just prefer it stay since we custom built our installer how we wanted it.

Best Regards,

[Image: ers_brandon_sig_mar2012.png]
Intel Xeon E5-1620 v2 @ 3.7GHz | 8GB DDR3 RAM | NVIDIA GTX 760 | Windows 8.1 64 bit | FSX Acceleration/SP2 (DX10 Mode)
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