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Pandora bracelet charms is so surprise
02-23-2018, 05:51 PM
Post: #1
Pandora bracelet charms is so surprise
Despite the fact I made a new year’s resolution to focus on a single pandora charms sale canada at a time, I currently have three combinations at work in progress status. My Pandora collection would be described as eclectic or perhaps disjointed would be more accurate. I don’t have a huge budget for Pandora which has resulted in me buying single charms from releases over the last couple of years.

The result is some beautiful charms that don’t necessarily work so well together and I struggled to make pandora charms outlet canada . As mentioned I have three bracelets in progress and perhaps my favourite is my Pandora oceanic bangle. It started as I fell absolutely in love with the Pandora Petite Facet charms.

The pandora jewelry canada sale Tropical Seahorse is a small dangle style charm. It’s predominantly enamel with silver accents which is something I’d not actually realised from the stock images. I thought it was a silver charm with teal enamel but actually the tummy and head are a beautiful pearlescent enamel. The hanger is decorated with teal stones and by itself resembles a spacer.

Next on the list is another Blue Quartz Petite Facet as I do want to keep the colour balanced between blue and teal. There’s also a beautiful Teal Shimmer Murano debuting as part of the pandora bracelet charms canada collection though they’re considerably larger than the Petite Facets and I’m not sure I want to deviate from the “neatness” these little charms bring.

This has left me wondering if they’d be better on a complementary pandora earrings sale canada (which would put me to four work in progress bracelets!) As always I love to hear from my readers. What are your thoughts on the Pandora Tropical Seahorse charm? What is your current Pandora project? Hit the comments and let me know!
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