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Born on July 4 1982 in Patterson New Jersey, raised in Florida and now living in Newark Delaware. I am the second oldest of 4 and the only member of my family to have been involved in aviation. My passion for aviation started out when I was 4 years old in Louisiana where the local hospital had a Bell 222 medevac helicopter. Ever since then, I've been to airshows, bought aviation related articles and even hitched rides in a dozen or more different types of aircraft. I started flight simming with FS98 and got deeply involved with FS2002, FS2004 and FSX. I can't be a real pilot due to me having two epilepsy seizures in 1996, so flightsim is the next best thing to me. Whenever I am not working or doing anything around the house, I just fire up the computer and let my imagination soar. One of these days, I hope to get my A/P license so I can work on aircraft...until then, I'll stick to flight simulation.
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