Eagle Rotorcraft Simulations is currently looking for talented developers to join the team. We want people willing to develop quality freeware for Microsoft Flight Simulator X. These people must be able to get along well with others and be able to show examples of their work. If joining ERS, it is preferred that your "job" here would be your primary focus area in add-on development, although this is definitely not required.

The following positions are currently open:


We always have a few models in development at a time, but we can't do everything ourselves. We need experienced GMax users who work with either the FS2004 SDK, FSX SDK, or both. (both is preferred)

Paintkit Designer

Paintkit designers are responsible for creating the layered, blank textures that end users can use to create new liveries. These blank textures must be in PSD form and contain numerous layers with all the detail that a real helicopter would have. All paintkits will be done at a resolution of 2048x2048 so that FSX users can take advantage of the larger texture resolution limit.

SimConnect/XML Programmer

XML Programmers are responsible for coding all the gauges and systems for our helicopters. Gauges must be specific to the helicopter they are to be installed in and should be the creator's own, original work. (bitmap images can be created by other members of the team if necessary) XML Programmers should have a good knowledge of helicopters and be able to program semi-real startup/shutdown systems for a given helicopter. Programmers should be able to work with both FS2004 and FSX, but if they can only work with one specific version, that's fine too.

Programmers familiar with C++ and SimConnect related development are also acceptable.

Scenery/Airport Designer

ERS would like to release airport and scenery packages related to helicopters in the future. We are looking for experienced scenery designers who can do photoreal ground, as well as make custom buildings in GMax, place autogen, and work with terrain mesh. Right now, it is likely that we may only do FSX specific scenery due to the capabilities of the FSX scenery engine compared to FS2004. It is because of this that we are only looking for FSX scenery designers at this time.

If you are interested in any of these positions or have any questions, please send an email via our contact form with the subject dropdown set to "Talent." Anyone who thinks they may be of help to Eagle Rotorcraft Simulations can feel free to contact us. Maybe we have a job for you. ;)
Looking for Talent
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