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The following is a list of the jobs that ERS Members do and what they involve.
ERS Founder
This role is specific to George Arana and Brandon Filer, who started Eagle Rotorcraft Simulations. They run and maintain the group, as well as participating in add-on development.

FDE Specialist
FDE (flight dynamics engine) designers make the aircraft fly as it should based off of real world operation manuals and books. They must take all kinds of performance information from these manuals and create a customized FDE out of it. This ensures that the add-on flies as close to the real thing as possible.

Modelers are responsible for doing the 3D design work of our add-ons. They not only create the visual models, but also texture map, animate, and prepare them for exporting to the flight simulator.

Sound Engineer
Sound Engineers are responsible for designing the sound packs included in our aircraft. They take the audio from videos of the real aircraft and cut out the best sounds and save them as separate files. The sound cfg file is then modified to use the audio files in the best way possible.

Texture Artist
Texture Artists do the graphics and painting of the aircraft interiors and exteriors after they have been texture mapped in the 3D design software. Like modeling, texture art is a very time consuming process. Much of the time, it involves creating paintkits, making 2D panel bitmaps, or painting a virtual cockpit.

Website Manager/Designer
Website Managers/Designers are responsible for maintaining the Eagle Rotorcraft Simulations website and forums. They also are responsible for designing new webpages.

XML Programmer
XML Programmers add extra personality to our aircraft by creating custom gauges, animations, and internal systems using XML coding.
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