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Forgotten Jetranger Variant... - Nik McLeod - 11-30-2011 05:18 PM

There are the floats that are similar to pontoons on the 206 but in NZ, we are surrounded with a vast amount of water, and it seems ERS has possibly forgotten a version of the 206 for modelling & or release..

Here is a link to what some of NZ Bell 206's are like skid wise:





Hope this can be taken into account for possible? replication if it isnt already in design,


RE: Forgotten Jetranger Variant... - Brandon - 11-30-2011 06:16 PM

What we released was what Owen Hewitt originally modeled. That float variant was never modeled by him, so we didn't do it. Wasn't forgotten. It is likely that we would create this variant in the future, though.

RE: Forgotten Jetranger Variant... - euroastar350 - 12-04-2011 12:19 AM

We do have the drawings for the pan style floats. We have a possible upgrade for the 206B in the future that will feature lots of new models and possibly systems modeling. The 206 with the old pan style floats are a definate variation we plan on adding "IF" the project comes to life.